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"sunless sea"

infinitas in topazandgarnet

All right, after being more productive than usual this weekend, I have two fics to share with you all today. One is a sad, angst-filled one, and the other contains more fluff. :D

The happy one:  Midnight Rendezvous
» Pairing: Edward/Bella
» Rating: PG
» Genre: Romance/Angst
» Notes: Set in New Moon, after Edward left Bella. This is about what he did and what he felt when he went away from Forks.

And, the sad one: Pulling At Heartstrings
» Pairing: Edward/Bella
» Rating: PG
» Genre: Romance/Fluff
» Notes: Although this is something I wrote on a whim, I like this piece quite a lot for the meaning it carries. The play, Romeo and Juliet, is reflected quite a lot in it.